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              Date: 10-2-99

                Why Can't they fix 9522?

This story starts in the 1997-98 school year. The bus 9522!The driver Mrs. Lewis

It starts on a nice day like today. Mrs. Lewis was driving the bus and found water in the bus. That's when it all started. The water pump went bad.

Well nothing happened to the bus until the 1998-99 school year. Bus 9522 was going in for inspection and they found the problem. Mrs. Lewis was given 9149 to drive and sent on her way. Mrs. Lewis had to put up with 9149 for about 3 weeks. Then the brakes stopped working right on the bus and she was given another 91 bus to drive. Mrs. Lewis only had to drive that bus for about a day.

Then they told Mrs. Lewis that her bus was fixed. Then bus ran fine for a while. Then the new water pump stopped working. No one knows why it stopped. Then she was given 9015 to drive and to this day Mrs. Lewis is still driving 9015

This leaves us to wonder why 9522's water pump is always going out? Is it because the mechanic can't fix it right? Or is it because of the ghost on 9522?  Only time will tell!


©2000 Matt Miller